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Slim - (Coming soon) face & body contour

Slim - (Coming soon) face & body contour

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  • Adjustable rollers: To contour your body and face for optimal efficiency.
  • EMS micro-current: Creates deep stimulating muscle contractions, increases circulation, and boosts collagen for improved elasticity.
  • RF high frequency: Stimulates deep into your skin tissues, creating a rejuvenating and tightening effect.
  • RF waves: Forces fat cells to break down and release liquid fat, resulting in shrinkage and contraction for tighter, contoured skin.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation by increasing blood circulation and removing lactic acid.
  • For best results use a water based product only.



The Slim is bringing patented EMS technology to not only your face but your whole body. By using our Slim EMS micro-current device, you will not only notice a difference, but you will feel the difference every time you touch this tool to your skin. 



Made with your face in mind, we crafted these rollers to effortlessly fit your face so that it feels like a massage every time you use the Slim. But it doesn't stop there, we designed this tool to be effective anywhere on your body, stimulating deep into your skin tissues everywhere for a younger and healthier appearance.


Tackle aging head-on by taking care of the health of your skin! All it takes is a few minutes everyday to see a healthier you and to feel like the best version of yourself. 

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