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SCULPT (Coming soon) - red light therapy, lymphatic drainage & face contouring

SCULPT (Coming soon) - red light therapy, lymphatic drainage & face contouring

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  • 3-in-1 tool: EMS, RF, and Red LED technologies combined in one device. 
  • EMS technology: Penetrates deeply by stimulating your muscle contractions, increases blood flow, boosts collagen production, and gives you a gentle yet effective facial workout.
  • LED Red Light Therapy: Promotes healing, reduces visibility of acne scarring, and repairs skin tissue.
  • Micro-Vibration: Provides intermittent, regular stimulation to your muscles, aiding in repairing skin elasticity, and keratin tissue.
  • Gua Sha benefits: Assists with lymphatic drainage along the face and down the neck.
  • For best results use a water based product only.



Sculpt uses the latest technology as a 3-in-1 tool to be the one-stop shop for sculpting your face into a healthier, and younger looking version of yourself! Just 3 minutes everyday is all it takes to transform your face for the better.



Instead of having to make appointments at clinics for each of these benefits, you have the luxury of using all three in a perfectly handheld device that you can use whenever and wherever you want!



Sculpt utilizes our one-of-a-kind EMS technology, along with RF, and LED Red Light to safely and efficiently make your skin look healthier by boosting collagen production, healing your skin, removing any acne scars, as well as draining your lymphatic vessels all for a healthier and slim look in your face.

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