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7 Color Led Face & Neck Device

7 Color Led Face & Neck Device

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7 Color LED beauty device for the face and neck that helps many skin care issues. Clean mode helps clear the pores and keep your skin clean and glowing. 3 Sonic massager modes will help absorb skin care products, clear pores, and reduce fine lines, and wrinkles. Hot mode can help soothe, promote collagen production, and rejuvenate your skin. This facial massager will heat up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.


Greenlight: Anti-aging & promotes collagen production

Red light: Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Blue light: Helps soothe inflammation & calms sensitive skin

Purple light: Promotes lymphatic drainage

Yellow light: Reduces melanin production

Cyan Light: Reduces skin tension & swollen capillaries

White light: Helps relax skin, accelerate growth, and healing of skin cells


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